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Pre-record your answers to common behavioral/fit interview questions and send them to companies you want to work for. Put a link to your profile on job applications and resumes instead of waiting around to get an interview call. Skip ahead today

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Almost everyone else is submitting a standard one-page resume and that makes it hard for you to get noticed. But pre-recorded interviews change the game by letting hiring managers find out about you in an easy and efficient manner. Start standing out

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Get feedback from potential employers about your job application so you know where to adjust to improve your chances of getting a dream job. No more applying to dozens of jobs without getting a response.

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Our goal is for you to get more job offers

Pre-recorded Interviews

Record your answers to common interview questions and link to them on your resume or job application.

Helpful Feedback

Adjust your job applications using feedback from Hiring Managers so you don't keep making the same mistakes.

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You know exactly what it's like to apply to a job and not get a response. It isn't fun. Start using Lunar to stand out from millions of other job seekers.

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